Are you struggling to get results from your marketing materials? Have you found that you don’t have the time it takes to write effective copy? Do you need to create a solid foundation for your brand?

I’m Steph Matthiesen, and I’ve got your back.

My copy and editing work will:

  • Spark client interest
  • Increase engagement
  • Show everyone that you have your act together! 👍

My expertise will make your business shine and save you valuable time.

I hold a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing, but writing isn’t the only thing I’m good at. I have also:

  • Created marketing content for various organizations, including Duke University Libraries
  • Worked as a communications expert for nonprofits and schools
  • Edited content for major companies, including books published by Barron’s

I’m also an artist and nature lover who drinks a lot of coffee — hit me with that sweet, sweet espresso!

You can’t beat my experience, even outside of writing.

I’ve been a lot of different things in my life — barista, graphic designer, restaurant hostess, book editor, photographer, video editor, and dog walker, just to name a few — and that means I have a ton of experience in everything from lattes to canine behavior.

I take the best nuggets of knowledge from every field and weave them together to create the perfect words.

I only put out work that I am proud of — work that rises above the norm and hoists your business above the crowd.

My work stands out through quality and experience. And my work will make you stand out, too.

Let’s grow something exceptional.