Are you struggling to get results from your marketing materials? Have you found that you don’t have the time it takes to write effective copy? Do you need to create a solid foundation for your brand?

I’m Steph Matthiesen, and I’ve got your back.

My copy and editing work will:

  • Spark client interest
  • Increase engagement
  • Make you look great 👍

My writing will showcase the very best of your business while saving you valuable time.

I hold a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing, but writing isn’t the only thing I’m good at. I have also professionally:

  • Created marketing content for various organizations, including Duke University Libraries
  • Worked as a communications expert for nonprofits and schools
  • Edited books published by Barron’s

I’m also an artist and nature lover who drinks a lot of coffee — hit me with that sweet, sweet espresso!

I’m your best choice for copywriting and editing.

I’ve been a lot of different things in my life — barista, graphic designer, restaurant hostess, book editor, photographer, video editor, and dog walker, just to name a few — and that means I have a ton of experience in everything from lattes to canine behavior.

But I’m not a jack-of-all-trades. My focus is writing.

I take the best nuggets of knowledge from every field and weave them together to create the perfect words.

I only put out work that I am proud of — work that rises beyond the norm and hoists your business above the crowd.

My writing stands out because I write like no one else.

Let’s grow something exceptional.