This document is an edited job ad off Craigslist. Business name has been redacted. My changes are in red, with an explanation of each in parentheses.

Seeking Skilled Editor

About the role:
Your responsibility will be to help craft the (remove word) sentences and make sure the report is 100% error-free (needs hyphen) with 2-4 edits per report per week (we release four reports per month).

This role is a contract role that will be done remotely—meaning you can work wherever you want—but it will be ongoing, consistent work.

About you:
You are an editing ninja. You, for whatever reason, can find the little mistakes in anything. You are ok proofing, rereading, and reading the same thing again until you’re super confident it is perfect. As one person on our team put it, we have an, (remove comma) “uncommonly high quality bar.” (move period to be inside quotation marks) You also have the ability to take editing a step further, like adding up a row of percentages (make plural) to make sure it equals 100%.

You know how to work in Google documents Docs (official product name is Google Docs) and understand how you might work in other online tools, like Keynote (and (added for style and clarity) if you haven’t worked in Keynote, that’s ok because it’s simple).

About the company:
[Company Name] provides information and recommendations to social casino companies. We break down games, features, and content in games like Slotomania, Candy Crush Saga, and (added to complete series) Summoners War (even though Summoners is incorrect and should be Summoner’s or Summoners’, I did not change it because that is its official app name according to some light googling). We are located in California but have an entirely remote workforce.

– Access to a computer and internet. (remove period to match other list items)
– Ability to work in google documents Google Docs (official app name is Google Docs)
– Willingness to learn; (phrase added to create a parallel list structure) no experience necessary (we often find that people without experience do very well)

General information:
– This is a part-time contract position (8-15 hours per week to start). (remove period to match list style above)

Hiring process:
At [Company Name], we hire using tests so that we to (changed for clarity) ensure—as best we can—that we hire on abilities and not biases. There are usually three to four tests and the process takes less than two weeks.

After the tests, we will hire an editor or two. The tests are exactly what you would be doing during your work with us—so it’s a good opportunity for you to see what you’d be doing. Once hired, you will still be in a “hiring period” for several weeks as we further evaluate your abilities within our team.

How to apply:
Send me in an email the following information:
– (add hyphen/bullet to match other list items) Contact info: (add colon to match other list items)
– Name:
– E-mail: