Lovedbooks Homepage

A website homepage created for a fictional used books business.

The Distance Between Us Description

A description of the book The Distance Between Us, a memoir by Reyna Grande.

PhotoSpark Ad

An advertisement created for a fictional stock image business.

Billboard Campaign, Cristo Rey Jesuit

A billboard campaign written and designed for a Houston college prep school.

Editing and Proofreading

Craigslist Editor Job Posting

A Craigslist job posting annotated with my corrections.

Upwork Engineer Profile

An Upwork engineer’s profile annotated with my corrections.

Content Creation

Two Words to Ignite Your Creativity

An instructional blog post detailing the Two-Noun Prompt method.

5 Outdoor Plants You Can Grow Indoors

A list-style article about 5 outdoor plants that can be grown as houseplants.

When Reading Hurts

A blog post that delves into the experience of reading while suffering from ADD/ADHD.

Crafting Figurative Language: 3 Ingredients for Success

An instructional blog post that explains how to create impactful figurative language.