Precise copy that leads to success.
Innovative ideas that make you stand out.
Relatable writing that connects you with clients.

The right words create results for you and your business.

My writing and editing will boost your success, bring you closer to your clients, and cement your brand.

Hire me for exceptional copywriting, editing, and proofreading.

Who I Am

I use my marketing experience and writing mastery to create clear and relatable copy. I’m Steph Matthiesen—and I’m here to help you succeed!

What I Do

I write colorful copy that will launch you ahead, or I improve existing copy to make a bigger impact. Your time is valuable; let me do what I do best, so that you can focus on the heart of your business.

My Work

I have created content and edited publications for organizations like Barron’s, ProWritingAid, and The Drive.

During the time I supervised Stephanie and served as project manager for one of her key projects (a website redesign), Stephanie earned my trust and confidence — I would gladly hire her again knowing that she reliably delivers creative, high-quality work in a timely manner.

– Tom Crichlow, User Experience Developer & Project Manager at Duke University